Ky's Must Try Beauty Products 2015

2014 was an amazing year for me and my beauty pal, Ky! We racked up a full wedding season working together on so many beautiful faces and gorgeous locks!

In the winter months, we're still busy with the beauty hustle, but we made some time to collaborate and video document our favorite products of 2014 for Ky's beauty channel on Youtube.

Here goes my bragging rights (as a friend I can do this)...

Ky is an extremely talented makeup and hair artist and since I started in the beauty industry, Ky has been a great mentor. She is a true beauty connoisseur and I can always trust her advice and tips on the latest and greatest techniques and products out there! I am excited about our video/blog collaboration and if you missed the video, click here to watch.

Did you like it? Hope so! 

We wanted to do a follow up post about the beauty products that we're most looking forward to in 2015. Yesterday, I shared mine and today I'm sharing Ky's!

Must Try Beauty Products 2015

Stila liquid lipstickI'm so in love with the ones I have and I want to try more. My top two brands that I haven't tried, but want to are Stila, (especially the color, Aria) and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

More KAT VON D ProductsAfter venturing into their liquid lipsticks, I have to say I'm super intrigued by this line. I am especially looking forward to trying her liquid liner in trooper, eye shadows, and her other lip formulations that are exclusively sold at Sephora.

House of Lashes, Premium Lashes2013 was the year I discovered that I could do my own lashes pretty well and in 2014 I spent the year in a fluttery bliss! This year I would like to build up my collection of luxury and mink lashes as they are gorgeous and more natural looking. This brand is on my most wanted list.

Nars Albatross HighlighterMy highlighter collection is out of control right now. Having gilded, glowing skin is the most amazing thing in the world. The only thing missing is something that will give me golden, glimmering skin and this item seems like the ticket. I've wanted it for months and its always sold out. I cant wait to get my hands on it!

Ky's 2015 Beauty Resolution

My beauty resolution is to pamper my skin more and take more luxurious baths and facial steams. I am also going to perfect that 'glowy cheek look' while still being able to contour. I'm also interested in trying Retin-A. It's supposed to be the holy grail of skin products and although my skin is somewhat sensitive, the prospect of having a flawless complexion, is too much to pass up. To test the waters, it would have to be a prescription strength from a medical grade like Obaji.

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Keep up with Ky and her beauty videos by subscribing to richiebeautytube