Valentine's Day Class Success!


My Pre-Valentine's Day Natural/Glam makeup class was a huge success! Thank you to all who attended and assisted and thanks to our host studio, Be Clean in DC.

I taught the class a fresh and modern take on the "smokey eye" using all non-toxic skincare and makeup products. The look is meant to be easily replicable at home for all your special events. 

Stay tuned for my next class by signing up on the email list on this blog page. XO!

DC Makeup Class- Valentine's Day Glam

Valentine's Day is a great excuse to treat yourself to a natural, yet glamorous party look that will make your friends and significant other swoon!

Suzanne Eden is a teacher and professional makeup artist, and she has combined the two skills to develop the most sought after makeup lessons and classes in the DC area. Her group makeup classes are a cost effective way to learn to do special makeup looks using non-toxic beauty products.
Suzanne is excited to be hosted by Be Clean - voted DC's Best Little Apothecary and retailer of Gressa cosmetics. The Gressa brand celebrates glamour with an emphasis on high quality, natural and plant-based ingredients... perfect for creating that glam Valentine's Day look!
Once signed up, you will receive a private email with a class outline and details. Seating is limited and this class will fill up quickly, so register you and your best girlfriends now.
Register HERE and Happy Valentine's Day!


Holiday Glam Makeup Class Success!

My Holiday Glam makeup class was a success! 

I taught the class how to do a natural/glam bronzed smokey eye-- perfect for all your holiday events. I wanted the attendees to be able to recreate the look at home quickly. Who has more than 10-15 min to do our makeup with the busy lives we lead?! 

A big thanks to everyone that signed up and thanks to Be Clean & Steadfast Supply for hosting. I am planning another class for Valentines Day. Will keep you posted. 

Until then... Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you!

DC Makeup Class- Holiday Glam







Pregnancy and Hormonal Breakouts

Pregnancy and hormonal breakouts can really throw your skin for a loop. The onset of my pregnancy breakout was so quick. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Looking back, it was actually one of the first symptoms I had of being pregnant. Many women break out hormonally especially before their menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.

Before I have the baby, I want to share what has worked for my skin during this time. The skincare tips and products I recommend below are good for any hormonal breakout, so everyone can benefit from my suggestions.

Diet and Water:

I really upped my water intake during pregnancy, but had a dramatic shift in my diet because of nausea and cravings. I ate more fruit and carbs than I ever have and the more carbs I ate, the more my skin broke out (specifically from wheat). My dermatologist isn’t very holistic based and she even says that wheat and wheat gluten can cause skin flare ups. So between hormones and the wheat I was eating, I developed my skins go-to hormonal flare up in the form of rosacea.

Because of the way I felt, my diet wasn’t something I was too interested in changing during pregnancy, so I made sure my skincare routine was on point throughout.

Soothe Your Skin:

Soothing your skin is the key in combating hormonal flare-ups. You don’t want to do any intense treatments such as peels, scrubs, and anti-aging serums. These treatments could potentially cause more inflammation. I did get a couple organic facials once my skin calmed down and that seemed to help. However; I got my home skincare routine on track before I did any facials.

If you are local to Annapolis, MD a holistic based and superb facialist I recommend is Noreen at Noreen’s Boutique Spa. If you are on the Eastern Shore in MD, I recommend Missy Klein at Pure Hair Simply Skin.

If you are in DC, my lead makeup artist, Allison specializes in holistic facials at Bespoke Aesthetics in Georgetown.

Facial Cleanser:


When you have a pregnancy or hormonal skin flare-up bar soaps are the best- bar none! With the right bar soap, your skin can really be soothed and healed.

My favorites are…

Sibu Cleansing Face & Body Bar- A big thanks to my mom for recommending this face and body soap. It has really helped my skin and it is priced super affordable.

Beautycounter Charcoal Bar- I alternate my Sibu bar with this one of a kind cleansing bar from Beautycounter. It is gentle, hydrating, soothing, and sucks out your skin’s impurities- bye bye inflammation. This stuff is amazing!

Make sure to keep both bars in a well drained soap dish and away from the water splashing on it while you shower. You will want to savor every morsel of these bar soaps.

A Soothing Spritz:

I taught a makeup class in DC at the Be Clean shop and owner Becky carries the most lovely facial spritzes aka toners. She is so careful about choosing the very best ingredients in her products and she hand selects and tests all the products in her shop. I purchased the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator- at the time I was in serious need of accelerating my facial hydration. My friend purchased the Aster and Bay Rosewater Mist. We were both extremely happy with our purchases. I told my friend (who happens to be getting married this August) that if she were to get one new beauty product, a toner should be it. She is now a believer because the toner has completely cleared up and clarified her skin.

Now, I am currently using the Nourishing Rosewater Mist by Beautycounter. High quality Rosewater is excellent for soothing redness from breakouts. After I wash my face day and night, I give it a spritz all over including my neck and let it dry. if I see my face is flaking and needs a gentle exfoliation, I wipe the toner off with an organic cotton round.

Lotions by Day:

I had a corporate headshot makeup client highly recommend the Belli skincare line for pregnant women during the peak of my 2nd trimester breakout. I was currently using my Beautycounter day cream and I needed to switch things up to see if the redness in my skin would clear.

Skincare Side Note- sometimes you have to switch things up a bit on your skin to see changes and then you can always go back to your favorites.

I tried Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator and was very pleased with the outcome. I now switch between Belli and Beautycounter Nourishing Day Cream for my daily lotion. If I am outside for a short amount of time or driving, I use Beautycounter Dew Skin with SPF. Make sure to apply it after your non-sunscreen facial lotion. If I am outside for an extended period of time, I use full SPF on my face-- currently Beautycounter.

A Gentle Facial Oil:

A gentle facial oil is so soothing for inflamed and out of whack skin. In the colder months, I used Farm Esthetics Complexion Conserve Remedy Reserve Serum purchased at Noreen’s Boutique Spa in Annapolis. It has a thicker consistency and was perfect when I was so dry this winter. In the warmer months, I have been loving Beautycounter’s Soothing Face Oil which is made to sooth facial redness such as rosacea.

How to use facial oil?

You can mix a facial oil in with your moisturizer-- two drops will do. You can apply it alone on your face and neck (3-4 drops depending on how dry you are.) Make sure to let it dry and then apply your regular moisturizer.  

Creams by Night:

I kept my night cream the same as it's so gentle and nourishing without being too heavy. It’s the Nourishing Night Cream by Beautycounter. This is another product I recommend to pretty much all my bridal clients. If you want your makeup to look good on your wedding day and could only get a couple products, my top picks are a good quality toner (See A Soothing Spriz Above) and a good quality night cream. 

Coverup with Non-toxic/Quality Ingredients: 

To even out my skin tone, I have found two products that are amazing in covering up my redness and giving me confidence when I have a rosacea flare up or my sunspots have darkened (this happens during pregnancy too.) These two products below are some of the best foundations on the market.

My favorites are...

RMS “Un” cover-up- This pot of gold is creamy in consistency and needs to be powdered if you’re oily.

Beautycounter Tint Skin- This tube of genius dries matte and has build-able coverage-- meaning you can go really light and sheer or add more product for more coverage.

Overall, my skin hasn’t been perfect, but it has been much better and the major flare-ups have been kept at bay. l know it’s from being extremely diligent in my skincare routine and using the right products in the correct order. I was teaching a makeup lesson to my friend and her mom. When talking about my pregnancy she said, “Your skin has been much better since the last time I saw you.”

I know this routine and products will help you too if you are willing to stick to it!

If you need any help color matching foundation or ordering products in general, just send me an email on the contact page of my website. If you’re interested in ordering any of the Beautycounter products, see below.

Beauty Counter How-to Order:

Go to Link...

In the search magnify glass type in the name of the product and add to cart. This is my link so I can get product credit. Please note that some of the Beautycounter skincare packaging has changed. The names of the linked items above are the correct names.

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I hear so many different things about breaking out during pregnancy. For example; if you break out you're having a girl because she steals your beauty and more technically her estrogen is interfering with your hormones.

We don’t know what we’re having, but I am 38 weeks as I write this and both my husband and I are pretty sure we are having a boy just by intuition. 

Do you have any hormonal acne stories or pregnancy breakout wives tales to share? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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The Makeup Chic Bridal Team

I have been wanting to bring on another bridal makeup artist to Makeup Chic for sometime so when Allison called me to tell me she was returning to the DC area after getting her estheticians license, we started brainstorming right away.

Allison and I have been working weddings together since 2012 and I thought that with my maternity leave from July through September, she would be the perfect makeup artist to take over for me. We have a similar makeup approach and she is easy going and hardworking in every makeup job we take on.

I am so happy to officially welcome her to my boutique makeup company. Have a look at her bio and drop a hello in the comments to welcome her!


Allison Baird started a career in makeup working as Manager and Makeup Artist at Bellacara, Northern Virginia's preeminent boutique for high-end cosmetic, skin care and hair care products. During her time at Bellacara, Allison worked regularly with Alexandria Stylebook doing editorial makeup. Her makeup artistry has also been featured on national publications such as Refinery 29 with beauty blogger Lara Ramos from the Glossarie.
Allison took a break from doing makeup full-time in order to attend one of the best aesthetic schools in the country. After becoming a licensed esthetician, Allison worked for top Midwest plastic surgeons at, Nayak Plastic Surgery. Allison is excited to be back in the DC area and is currently working with DC’s top holistic aesthetician, Adrienne Shostak, LME-- owner of Bespoke Aesthetics in Georgetown.
Allison launched her career in the bridal makeup industry after she and Suzanne met 4 years ago during DC’s fashion week, and she has been working weddings with Suzanne as a bridesmaid makeup artist ever since. Allison’s natural and skilled approach to makeup has kept her working a busy bridal schedule as a lead artist for Suzanne Eden’s The Makeup Chic as well as with her own private clientele. An expert in skincare and aesthetics, Allison has a knack for discerning which makeup application techniques will best enhance her clients’ individual facial features and coloring.

In her free time, Allison enjoys nature, cooking, animals, and researching fashion and makeup trends. 

I am thrilled to have Allison join The Makeup Chic as a lead makeup artist in 2016! Oh and check out these fun and gorgeous team photos by Bonnie Sen Photography

Preteen/Teen Natural Makeup Class Friday June 3rd 4-5 pm

A mom of a fifteen-year-old girl contacted me online and said… “I found you from looking into makeup classes for teens. I saw a ton of people who can do that, but your makeup just looked so clean. I don’t want my daughter to look too made up, just enhanced!”

I was really flattered and it got me thinking about what a gift it would be for preteens and teenagers to learn how to care for their skin properly and wouldn’t it be great if they learned how to apply makeup in a tasteful and fun way without teaching themselves bad habits.

As a former teacher, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start a new lesson program called #themakeupteacher. My focus for this program is to teach preteens, teenagers, and adults proper skincare and gorgeous makeup that will accentuate their natural beauty instead of transforming or detracting from it. I offer professional tips in an accessible and fun way so that all age levels can follow along.

Please join me for my latest Preteen/Teen Natural Makeup class at the 1st ever Wholehealth WELLness Pop Up Invasion at Artfarm Annapolis. A portion of the class ticket proceeds will be donated to Anne Arundel Medical Center Oncology and Community Outreach Programs. 

Register for the Preteen/Teen Natural Makeup Class Here. 







No Makeup, Makeup for Spring!

Kicking off my adult makeup class in DC at Be Clean Shop with makeup chart by Capital Society Design Co. & yummy vegan and gluten free goodness from Kate Bakes!

Kicking off my adult makeup class in DC at Be Clean Shop with makeup chart by Capital Society Design Co. & yummy vegan and gluten free goodness from Kate Bakes!

The No Makeup, Makeup Class For Spring was a huge success! Thanks to my dear friend Sarah Price Photography for attending and Be Clean Shop for hosting.

I wanted to share briefly about how to achieve the no makeup, makeup look with 6 easy tips to make it gorgeous! I truly saw the ladies in my class beautifully transform by accentuating their natural beauty with this easy and recreate-able makeup look. 

1.  SKIN FIRST- Becky, our host and owner of Be Clean said something I love during the skincare portion of the class. "You can't moisturize dead skin." She is absolutely right! The dead skin has to come off in order to achieve that natural glowy makeup look. She recommended a simple and effective skincare routine of cleansing, toning the skin, and moisturizing. She also recommended exfoliation 1-2 times a week (if needed). For the no makeup, makeup look it is essential to have well moisturized skin, so a good quality facial cream and serum does just the trick. 

2.  TINT YOUR SKIN- A well matched, good quality, and beautifully formulated foundation such as Tint Skin is the perfect light creamy coverage to pull of the no makeup look. Make sure you apply down the face and not up. Blend with your favorite blending tool. The Beauty Blender is my favorite blending tool for this look. It gives off the dewy glow that is essential to every no makeup, makeup look. On a budget? Real Techniques has a nice blending sponge. I apply first with a high quality foundation brush and then blend especially at the jaw line. Let me help color match you for tint skin!

3.  CONCEAL- Most of my class attendees admitted to applying concealer before a liquid foundation such as tint skin. A good reminder is that the tint skin is used to create a clean palette on your face and any other spots left over are meant for concealer. I taught the class how to conceal under eyes, conceal redness especially around the nose, and how to hide any pimples or imperfections that may pop up. Don't forget to put just a dab of concealer on your eye lids. Our eye lids are darker and can have a blueish tint to them and even some red. You want the eye area to be fresh and bright, so a dab of concealer truly does the trick. 

4.  EYE ILLUMINATION- A light color shadow on the lower portion of your eye lids brightens and illuminates the face. I taught the makeup class how to create an iridescent glow on the inner corners and on the lower lids of the eyes. Oh and don't forget mascara!

5.  CREAM BLUSH- Cream blush can be a little intimidating especially if you don't know how to use it. I must admit sometimes I nail the natural looking blush flush and sometimes I end up looking like Raggedy Anne. No Bueno. I taught the class attendees where to apply the blush so that it gives you a pretty flushed glow. The trick is... stick to the upper apples of your cheeks and work your way up to the temples. If you go too far down on the lower apples near your mouth you might look like Raggedy Anne or like someone socked you in the face. 

6.  LIPS- I suggested a light neutral color for the finishing touch to the no makeup, makeup look. When applying your lipstick blot on a paper towel or blotting paper at the end of the application to create a soft natural looking lip stain. 

Please enjoy these beautiful photos of the makeup workshop captured by my dear friend and talented photographer, Sarah Price Photography.

Sign up for the mailing list on my blog to stay in the loop for upcoming makeup classes, makeup workshops, makeup events, and the latest in skincare and makeup. 

Applying blush on Becky to the upper apples of her cheeks. Juice by DC's organic juice shop- GreenHeart.

Applying blush on Becky to the upper apples of her cheeks. Juice by DC's organic juice shop- GreenHeart.

The set-up at Be Clean. Ready to go!

The set-up at Be Clean. Ready to go!

Laughing with a lovely guest, while her mom is hard at work!

Laughing with a lovely guest, while her mom is hard at work!

We used the Axiology Natural organic lipstick sold at Be Clean. I came home with two I love them so much!

We used the Axiology Natural organic lipstick sold at Be Clean. I came home with two I love them so much!

Becky- our host and owner of Be Clean. She is a skincare expert. Look at that flawless skin!

Becky- our host and owner of Be Clean. She is a skincare expert. Look at that flawless skin!

Teaching Tint Skin application and looking very pregnant at 23 weeks!

Teaching Tint Skin application and looking very pregnant at 23 weeks!





Teacher Makeover- A Lesson in Makeup

I'm always thrilled when I get called to Eastern Shore, MD. to gussy up a lucky local siren for Katie Pegher Photography's Siren Sessions. I loved doing Mirta's makeup and hair (yes, I did the hair too) to ensure she was camera ready for the photoshoot. I was even more pleased that Mirta wanted to book a private makeup lesson with me to learn some one-on-one makeup tips and tricks. 

Mirta is a highschool Spanish teacher who is working hard on her masters degree and is so close to being finished! She wanted to freshen up her everyday beauty routine and look more polished and put together for work, nights out, and events. I traveled to the Siren studio in Easton, MD. to teach Mirta a lesson in makeup—makeup 101. She walked away with some great everyday tips and makeup products to help her achieve her everyday makeup look. I am still waiting for her DYI makeup selfie!! Below are the makeup products that I recommended for Mirta to use to achieve a perfect everyday makeup look. All products are by beautycounter which I supply for my private makeup lessons. Continue to scroll down for some of my favorites from Mirta's Siren session with Katie Pegher Photography

Mirta's Makeup products for her everyday beauty routine

Mirta's Makeup products for her everyday beauty routine

DC Makeup Class- No Makeup, Makeup Look for Spring

Makeup Class in DC- No Makeup, Makeup Look for Spring: Sunday, April 10 from 2-3pm

Join me at Be Clean Shop for my first adult makeup application class of the season!

1. Tutorial on how to select skincare products for your skin type, and how to complete your routine for makeup application

2. Intimate makeup application class featuring tips and tricks for a fresh "no makeup" look for spring

3. Sips and snacks from local makers

4. A 15% discount on all purchases at Be Clean Shop

All you need to bring is your own mascara. 

About Me: 

I started The Makeup Chic, by Suzanne Eden, an on-site boutique makeup service, and serve as owner, manager, and lead artist. The thing I enjoy most about makeup is being able to look at someone’s face and see how it could be enhanced with makeup. It’s extremely satisfying when a client loves her makeup, or when, because of a makeup enhancement, she presents as the best version of herself and therefore feels more confident. I have a passion for supporting independent small businesses and researching non-toxic, one-of-a kind specially curated beauty products.  


Be Clean Shop

52 O Street NW, Unit 308

Washington, DC 2000 


Coming Clean- "Green" Everyday Beauty Organization

Big News

I haven’t written in quite a while as I’ve had lots going on. The most important being a new baby on the way! My first trimester was filled with plenty of excitement and tons of couch time. A few weeks ago was when I entered into my second trimester and finally stopped eating the “all things white” and “sparkling water” diet. I’ve also gotten off the couch (for the most part) and into some yoga, organizing, and planning. So when my friend/business partner Ky Washington asked me to write a blog post about going green with my personal beauty products, I felt it was the perfect time. 

How We Found Out

When I got pregnant, I wasn’t in the full-on “trying to get pregnant” mode as I thought it would take me months or years to conceive. I was on the Whole30 program and I was using all clean/non-toxic beauty products and have been for a while. Between God, Whole30, and clean/non-toxic beauty, I got pregnant faster than I ever imagined—which was a huge surprise.

We found out at a Friendsgiving dinner with about four of my closest girlfriends (a few were missing) and their husbands. I had been cramping for a few days and my gal friends peer pressured me towards the end of the night to take a pregnancy test. I’ve been peer pressured for worse, so I caved rather quickly. When the little digi popped up saying “pregnant” I flipped my lid in shock and had to call my husband up from downstairs. He was in shock too and he high fived me. The high five exchange was really awkward, but I didn’t care at the time because I was so excited. I later found out, that he wasn’t too thrilled about finding out the big news in front of a bunch of people and who can blame him. It’s still a great story though. 

Me and my girls after I found out we were expecting. Super elated! I am holding my miNi gal pal.

Me and my girls after I found out we were expecting. Super elated! I am holding my miNi gal pal.

As you can see that’s why I’ve been a little quiet on-line. However; with all the recent nesting and organizing, I thought it would be fun to show you how I’ve organized my personal "green" everyday beauty routine in 4 steps.

#1 Purge-

How do you throw away all your perfectly good beauty products? You just do it and don’t look back. I brought out the trash bags and said goodbye to my personal toxic products. I now have almost all clean beauty for myself, a “green" makeup kit for my clients, and a HD photography kit for my clients which includes a mix of "green" and "non-green" products that I’ve hand selected as my favorites. 

When I tossed the makeup that I didn’t use anymore and my keep pile was organized, I set up a personal system for my everyday "green" beauty routine. Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Lara Ramos from the Glossarie, I was able to find the best organizational products from Target for my everyday products. 

#2 Skincare-

My skincare organization is as follows (left to right) Oils, serums and facial toner. Moisturizer without spf and Moisturizer with Spf. Night Cream and Masks. I still keep my face wash, exfoliator, deodorant, and body lotions in my bathroom. 

*Please note that I haven't switched my sunscreen over to a clean version yet. I will make the switch this summer. When I am driving long distance or I'm outside, I use dew skin which contains sunscreen. 

#3 Makeup-

Everyday makeup organization starts with Face, eyes, then lips/cheeks. Easy Peasy!

#4 Brushes-

These are the brushes I use on an everyday basis tucked away in a marble jar recommended by The Glossarie.

Your next stop should be over to my friend, Ky's You Tube channel. She is organizing her professional makeup kit. This video is a one-of-a-kind if you want to see how a professional makeup artist organizes their pro makeup kit—perfect for budding artists and pro's. I am personally excited about her video because it's rare you get to peek into a professionals makeup organizational process. Go and have a look. I will meet you over there!

A huge thank you to my talented photographer friend Sarah Kimble Photography. She snapped all the product photos. 

Natural Beauty Workshop for Girls

Natural Beauty Workshop for Girls

Alison Harbaugh has recently partnered up with The Makeup Chic, Suzanne Eden, as a part of the Fearless Girls photography workshops. The students took such an interest in the way Suzanne made the models look naturally beautiful that we thought it would be a good idea to offer a workshop for tweens and teens on the art of proper skin care and age appropriate (and hip) makeup application.

Suzanne believes that when a young girl shows an interest in wearing makeup, it is important, at the onset, to lay the foundation of proper techniques and appropriate application that they can then build on for the rest of their lives. 

This workshop will focus on everyday skincare and basic makeup skills using safe non-toxic products. In these workshops, Suzanne will offer professional advice for girls interested in an everyday, illuminating, natural look. She will also share tips and tricks for special occasion application where a slightly more dramatic, yet sophisticated look may be desired.

Date: Saturday, Feb 6th from 1-3pm

Location: ArtFarm

Ages: 12-17

Cost: $75 (includes an eye brush set)

To sign up for the workshop visit us at :

Back to Basics- Skincare

According to Instagram hashtags, the term basic means pumpkin spice lattes, skinny jeans, and infinity scarves. But, when it comes to skincare, I’ve found that having a basic everyday skincare regimen is really important to stay on track, even for the pros.

Coming Clean- Nail Polish

Before you paint the town this weekend, think twice about what you're using to paint your nails! Say No to OPI and don't say yes to essie!

Coming Clean- Natural Beauty

Here I am, standing in front of a pile of products I don’t feel comfortable using anymore. I'm conflicted using them, not because they've expired or because I don’t like them; some of these products I love. And, no, I don't have a shopping addiction bad enough to throw away perfectly good products. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is to throw away a perfectly good product. I am standing in front of these here products because I am "coming clean" and I want to invite you on my journey.     

Primer Post

Recently I got word that my all time favorite face primer was getting discontinued and that prompted me and my friend, Ky at Richie Makeup to hunt for a new perfect primer. On my hunt for the perfect primer, I realized that I get asked about face primers quite often. Ky reviewed the latest and greatest primers on her you tube channel and I wanted to share how I choose a primer based on my clients individual needs. This post can help you choose a face primer too!

Applying Foundation and Concealer (a how-to video)

I am excited to share my 1st video in a series of how-to's created by Serena from Creative Ideation. I wanted to show my readers a foolproof, easy, and flawless way to apply everyday foundation and concealer. Watch, learn, and glow!!



Makeup Kit Restock

This week I am collaborating with my friend and professional makeup artist from Richie Beauty Tube.  She is tubing and I am blogging on the most restocked items in our professional makeup kits. 

The Perfect Red Lip (for Valtentine's Day or Any Day!)

Using a stain and lip color layering technique, I am showing my followers how to create the most universally flattering red lip. A perfect tutorial for everyday, a night out, or a special occasion!